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Dine and Wine?

Updated: May 9, 2020

Let`s talk about wine and Cyprus.

The history of wine in Cyprus probably dates back to somewhere between 3500 BC and 3000 BC. In a discovery by Dr. Porphyrios Dikaios, a major figure in Cypriot archaeology, had carried out excavations on the outskirts of Erimi village between 1932 and 1935. During these excavations, several fragments of round flasks were unearthed. These pottery fragments ended up in the stores of the Cyprus Museum still unwashed in wooden boxes. They were dated to the chalcolithic period (between 3500 BC-3000 BC). In 2005, after Dr Dikaios' death, the chemical signatures of 18 of these were examined by a team of Italian archaeologists. Twelve of these showed traces of tartaric acid (a component of wine) proving that the 5,500-year-old vases were used for wine!

In the Medieval times, to be precise the 13th century, when the island had close ties with the nobles of France, Commandaria wine won the `Battle of the Wines`. The first recorded wine tasting competition, which was staged by king Philip Augustus. The event was recorded in a poem by Henry d`Andelinn, in1224. Commandaria is still the most far-famed wine of Cyprus. It`s an exceptional wine, it is amber coloured and has a very pleasant sweet taste. Like a desert wine or port. Every visitor should try Commandaria in my idea.

Cyprus has it`s own local grape varieties, named Mavro and Xynistery, but because the climate allows it, there are some 20 plus different grapes cultivated. Abundant wine is one of the many pleasures Cyprus has in store and it is well worth to go and explore one of the seven wine routes Cyprus is rich. By doing this you can visit different Wineries and ofcourse taste the beautiful wines they produce.

You can find and admire it in Omodos Village.👌
Amazing medieval winepress in Omodos village

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